S10 Password Vault
S10 Password Vault for Business
Increase employee productivity and close security gaps

The Problem
  • Productivity - Employees waste time looking up usernames and passwords in emails and random documents, and often have to go through time-consuming processes to reset passwords.
  • Security - Employees tend to keep usernames and passwords in clear text files or on paper, creating a significant security risk.
  • Passwords - Enforcing strong passwords and periodic password changes is good security practice, but unfortunately it also contributes to the problems mentioned above.
  • Single SignOn - Corporate single-signon systems are helpful, but they do not handle external websites and typically only deal with a subset of the internal applications.
Solution - Deploy S10 Password Vault to employee PCs:
  • All usernames/passwords securely encrypted
  • Quick, convenient access to usernames/passwords
  • Use strong password policies without the negative effects
  • Single master password signon to any application/website
  • Customizable template vault file for new users
  • No databases, webservers, or hardware to buy or maintain
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• $35 per user - no expiration date
• Free online synchronization (1 year)
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